The members of the WEB Alliance of Women’s Business Networks collaborate to create change towards better business, stronger communities and an enhanced business culture for women.

The WEB Alliance is a consortium of women's business networks in BC that serves as a resource for professional women's groups and women in business and the trades to connect, elevate and educate the business community.

Our member organizations work together to utilize existing resources and services and collaborate rather than compete to serve the women of BC. We work together to make the pie bigger!

What We Do

The WEB Alliance engages in various activities with the general public, the business community and the government to consult, advise, educate and support them on issues relating to our goals. Our various activities include:

  • Collaborating with, and elevating, our member organizations in BC

  • Serving as a resource for women in business

  • Consulting, advising and educating municipal, provincial and federal government

  • Hosting joint events, such as the BC Economic Forum

  • Producing reports

View our current collaborations below, or see some of our past projects to support women in business.

Current Collaborations to Support Women in Business