In 2009 the first meeting of the Vancouver women's business networks was co-hosted by Women’s Enterprise Centre and the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. At that time there were 34 women’s business networks across BC.

Since forming the WEB Alliance, our member organizations have enjoyed an increase in membership and created synergies through hosting joint events for women in business and advocating on behalf of professional women. As the number of women's business networks in BC continues to grow, so does the WEB Alliance - there are now over 35 member groups in Vancouver alone.

The WEB Alliance continues to gather for quarterly meetings, add new member organizations every year and expand outside of the lower mainland to support professional women in all areas of the province.

WEB Alliance Co-Founders

Photo of Jill Earthy

Jill Earthy, Co-Founder

Chief Growth Officer, FrontFundr

Photo of Laurel Douglas

Laurel Douglas, Co-Founder

Past Events & Activities

  • 2016-2018

    Partner on the WE FOR SHE Forum

    This forum is one of the largest collaborations of women’s organizations, companies, experts, business leaders, advocates and young women in North America.
  • 2014 & 2015

    Co-organized the BC Economic Forum

    This high-energy working forum brought together over 400 leaders to discuss how to grow women leaders—in business, on boards and in growing industries. The WEB Alliance played a pivotal role in compiling the resulting report, "Women as a Catalyst for Growth: A BC Action Plan," which outlines the key recommendations that came out of the forum.

  • 2013

    Hosted the Premier's Women's Business Network Roundtable

    The WEB Alliance hosted a roundtable with representatives from 12 women's business networks that support professional women in a variety of industries throughout BC. The discussion addressed board diversity, leadership development, access to capital and resources and supplier diversity. Recommendations from the historic roundtable influenced the creation of the Premier's Women's Economic Council, an Advisory Board to represent the interests of women in business in BC.

  • 2011-13

    Delivered Embracing Award Opportunities Workshops

    In response to a growing number of women who were nominated or considered nominating themselves for a business award, The WEB Alliance developed and delivered “Embracing Award Opportunities,” a seminar that brought together women award winners, nominees and judges to discuss what it takes to write a winning submission and how to leverage the opportunity.

  • 2009

    Launched the Find a Network Service

    To help connect BC women entrepreneurs and professionals with BC-based networks that suit them and help grow the membership of our member organizations, the WEB Alliance launched the Find a Network service.