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Mentoring Made Easy: How to Make the Most of Your Mentee Experience @ Webinar
Dec 9 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Mentoring Made Easy: How to Make the Most of Your Mentee Experience @ Webinar

Being an entrepreneur is a journey and building a business can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process. Having the support of an experienced entrepreneur who has walked the path before and understands the landscape can be the beacon of light you need to see things clearly.

Whether you are looking to expand your network, connect and gain advice from a group of like-minded women entrepreneurs, or are wanting a personalized focus on your business, there are mentoring programs to fit your needs.

Join us on December 9 to discover what mentoring programs are available and how to get a mentor. Learn how to make the most of your mentee experience from our panelists, who will share their inspirational stories about their own mentee experience and how it impacted their own lives!

In this FREE interactive session, we’ll chat about:

  • Signs you might be ready to connect with a mentor
  • The types of mentoring and how to tap into programs
  • Best practices for mentoring relationships

A good mentoring relationship provides a space to openly discuss ideas and obstacles and find solutions. Working with and learning from other experienced women in business can gain you confidence, fast-track your skill development and build your support network to grow your business or career. If you’re thinking about connecting with a mentor, coach or group of like-minded peers – This is the perfect opportunity!

“Being mentored by a woman who has grown her own business helped me believe it is very possible for me to do the same. I liked having set meeting times and goals to accomplish in between our meetings Having a mentor helps very much with accountability to my goals.”
– Past Mentee, One-to-one mentoring

“I came across women’s Enterprise and a mentorship program and it was honestly the best thing I ever did. I really, honestly cannot recommend getting a mentor more. Sometimes it is so hard to find support when you’re a busy entrepreneur and all you do is work but there’s support out there. I’m so grateful for these kind of programs that exists to support women and keep our businesses thriving. So if you’ve been thinking about it, go do it.”
– Amy Rafferty, The Velvet Underground, Whistler BC

“I cannot emphasize enough how the personalized focus on my business and my goals helped me succeed. As an entrepreneur you’re creating your own job, but it’s more than that. You have to take time to work on your business, not just work IN your business and draw a wage. Plans often go awry, and when it comes to business, you can’t learn everything from books, classes or YouTube. Experience is the greatest teacher. It was an absolute privilege to share time with my mentor. I am truly grateful to her and to WEC for their support.”
– Past Mentee, One-to-one mentoring, Powell River

December 9 | 10am to 11am PT | Free webinar