How to Identify Business Opportunities

How to Identify Business Opportunities

March 2, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Women's Enterprise Centre
How to Identify Business Opportunities @ Webinar

This is the second part in a three-part Launch Your Dream Series for Immigrant Women: Exploring Entrepreneurship, Together! webinar series by Women’s Enterprise Centre. Click here to sign up for the whole series!

Entrepreneurship can be a great career option for immigrants to Canada, but the decision to launch a business in a new country can come with many questions about this new market.

Join Alpana Sharma, Women’s Enterprise Centre Business Advisor and Immigrant entrepreneur, who will teach you how to find new opportunities that match your skills and experience.

In this free interactive session, you’ll learn how to answer some key questions, like:

  • What skills can you use to start or grow a business?
  • How can you use these skills to identify new opportunities?
  • Will your business idea work in BC?
  • What do you need to know about your potential customers?
  • Where can you find support and information to research new opportunities?

You will also hear from Immigrant women entrepreneurs who will share how they zeroed in on the right business opportunity.

Join Women’s Enterprise Centre for this session to learn how to research and determine a viable business idea, then sign up for our next session, “How to Find Sources of Funding as an Immigrant Entrepreneur.”

March 2 | 10am to 11am PT | Free Webinar

FacilitatorAlpana Sharma | Export Business Advisor and FITT-Trained Professional, Women’s Enterprise Centre

Panelist: Shaina Azad, Suva Beauty, Surrey

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