The Michelle Pockey Leadership Award has been created to recognize an exceptional female leader in our community. As a prominent lawyer and community activist, Michelle Pockey dedicated herself to making a positive difference in the world – from energy, mining, environmental and aboriginal legal issues to increasing the economic success and impact of women. With her vision, she co-founded the Professional Women’s Network in 1997 and then the Professional Aboriginal Women’s Network in 2016. She worked tirelessly for 20 years advocating to advance women in business, law, first nations and non-traditional sectors.

The Michelle Pockey Leadership Award will give first priority to an aboriginal woman, a single mother or a woman facing economic hardship. Second priority will be given to a woman pursuing law, justice, aboriginal or environmental studies. The award is intended to support her tuition, housing or childcare in the pursuit of post-secondary education, which will help support her leadership and long term career prospects.

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About the Minerva Foundation

The Minerva Foundation Education Awards program brings together people committed to make a difference, with women who aspire to beat the odds to create better futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. As a core element in building a sustainable community of women leaders, this program promotes leadership development through education by assisting with tuition costs.

Education Awards are directed toward women who significantly impact their work or community, and those fields or demographic groups in which women are currently underrepresented in leadership roles. Since 2001, over 1,000 women in BC have benefited from more than $2 million in awards.