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The Connected Woman® Association (TCWA) founded in 2007, focuses on creating an environment where women can be women first. It is about community and relationships developed based on honesty, integrity and trust.

TCWA exists because we are women on a mission to build the business and life we love.

In addition to an online community for personal and professional growth, TCWA has a dynamic networking model that encourages women to go “Beyond the Business Card”™ to build strong connections resulting in even stronger business alliances through local in-person events.

We’re tired of conventional networking pitches, events filled with salespeople trying to sell other sales people and rooms filled with collectors and no connectors.

We want to build and belong to a tribe of women who “Get It”, who understand that being in business is not a walk in the park and that to Go Far – we need to Go Together.

We want to connect, converse, collaborate and create awesomeness!

We are Connected Women!

Organization Info
  P.O. Box 16104, RPO Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7J 3S9

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